Fall - Winter 2023 Fashion Trends

Fall - Winter 2023 Fashion Trends Posted on By Kim Fuller
Fall/Winter Trends 2023
Let’s get down to business.  It’s (FINALLY) difficult to feel the post pandemic effect on this year’s Fall/Winter collections.  With a heavy focus on what feels like formulaic Ready To Wear outfits and less of an “Anything Goes” mentality the fashion industry is getting Back To Business.  Runways and the racks of MJ feature a healthy assortment of wearable, simple, elevated fashion.  At Meredith Jaye we know that women use fashion to reflect their mood so while we embrace this Macro trend there are many more micro trends that will have you expressing yourself on the daily!  In other words- we can’t be all business, there is plenty of after 5 fun coming as well.
Here is what we are ready to wear.
Put It In Neutral
2022 had us wearing sequins to the grocery store but 2023 fall fashion is taking a more practical approach to everyday wear.  Don’t get me wrong, fashion should always add a dash of self expression but this season we mix it with a healthy dose of reality.  Gone are the days of longing to leave the house or to put on pants with a waistband.  We are ready to get back to business as usual and the color palette for fall has us taking our work a little more seriously.  Warm earth tones of chocolate, navy, cream, black, white, taupe and green on updated silhouettes like blazers, trousers, vests and trench coats are dominating the retail world and I gotta say, reality does NOT bite.  The switch toward classic, powerful tailored pieces is a welcomed change from the oversized lounge wear we lost ourselves in.
Power Dressing
Working from home in our pajamas was great…for a little while.  If you’re still one of those people grinding away in your  loungewear but missing deadlines, pushing back meetings and longing for structure- it’s time to dress for the job you want.  This season’s take on power dressing will make you second guess that wearing loungewear to work from home makes no difference on your productivity levels.  From bold shoulders to an impeccably tailored skirt, the office attire we’ve seen could make anyone feel like the most stylish, powerful person in the workplace beyond. It's time to invest in a sleek pencil skirt, and blazer that looks custom tailored for your exact measurements.
Seeing Red
Speaking of being bold and powerful, the color red is dominating the color game, making red the new pink.  Red is a powerful, positive and confident color that commands respect.  Loungewear of the past can’t hold a candle to this trend so be ready to set fire to any room wearing this season’s hottest color.  I dare you to go unnoticed in any meeting,  interview or event while wearing this eye-catching power color.  One thing that certainly hasn’t changed is how color impacts our mood so  let’s continue to embrace some serious dopamine dressing
Ready To Wear
If you had to sum up fall fashion in one word it would be WEARABILITY! The phrase “Post-Pandemic” will live on for years to come and so will its impact on the fashion industry.  Women want pieces that they can go back to week after week and year after year.  Think about how many times we went for our yoga pants and we “styled”( I use this term very lightly) them with different top.  Women are still looking for easy style and simple fashion but we are turning up the volume on elevated staples. This season’s formula for elevated style is as follows: a  great fitting pair of trousers and denim, crisp white blouse, cozy cardigan, chic pencil skirt, tailored vest and an impeccably fitting trench coat.   Runways and Meredith Jaye highlighted the  white  top and jeans—which proves that the seasonless pieces are meant to be collected and restyled season after season.
All the Feels
Still not ready to ditch your lounge wear for something more professional?  What if I told you that you could trade in those pjs but keep all the cozy feeling fabrics?   My favorite post-pandemic effect on fashion is that we don't have to trade style for comfort.  Fabrics like sherpa, faux fur, vegan leather, luxuriously soft Spanx Air Essentials fabric, trousers with incredible draping will all take the main stage this season.  There is still a tremendous focus on comfort- as there should be.  Being comfortable has just as big an effect on productivity as power dressing so just imagine what happens when you combine the two!  Comfort without sacrificing style and vice versa…get ready to take over the  world ladies. 
With Style,
Mimi Cunningham
Fashion Creative Director